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The Heart of Grief - Turning Loss Into Love and Appreciation

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Are you grieving the loss of someone you love, someone special? Do you feel that hole in your chest that nothing can fill? Do you find yourself just bursting out in tears randomly in the day? Imagine having tears of appreciation and love for your special person, instead of sorrow. I want this for you, IT IS POSSIBLE, that is my promise to you. I know what you are feeling. Because like you, I've lived it. I've been through that pain that nobody can fix. In 2019, my first daughter passed away unexpectedly just weeks before she was to be born. This experience, though the worst period of my life, inspired a commitment to guide others, like you, through their grief and to bring them back to love and appreciation. The Heart of Grief was created because of her. Her death brought about the biggest blessing of my life, from my heart, to give to yours. This course, grounded in science. You'll discover a practical tool to bring about amazing perception shifts. It works, if you work it. Give yourself this gift... I guarantee you'll say thank you... This is what Mrs. R Pretorius had to say about this course: "I never thought that I would ever be able to let go of the crippling grief of losing my anchor and support system rolled into one person, until I came across Jaun and his amazing method. He made me put on a new lens and see things through a truly life changing perspective. His method is truly like sorcery to your brain." SIGN UP NOW

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