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Uncovering ADHD and ASD

how to deal with your ADHD

*Note: This does not simplify ADHD or discredits diagnosis made by healthcare practitioners, it just gives some background and a way of thinking about ADHD.

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), not able to focus on things. People label it ADHD and ADD.

Every single human on this planet has ADD and ADHD.

If you do things that you do not deem important in your life, things that you do not see, how it's helping you get whatever the hell you want, you will have ADD. You will not retain information from the stimulus that you receive.

You will discard it because that is how your brain filters to stop us from having information overload and having us think about information that we don't need and it stores that information in the subconscious. So, it is still there, it's just you do not remember it.

It discards what is not important to you and it keeps what it deems is important.

If you hate your job, you don't want to go to work, you just hate it. You will sit there and you will not remember to do things, you'll be distracted, you will go around just not doing what you're supposed to be doing. You're going to be playing on your phone, you're going to do everything in your power to not work, you do work every now and again, but it'll be the biggest challenge that you face.

If that is the case, you'll have ADHD and ADD at work. you'll have all have symptoms of ADD and ADHD every single day of your life, at work.

But the same goes for another person in the office that loves the job, that does it because they love to and they get to come into the office and they get to do the work. They will sit, they'll be focused, they won't be distracted. They'll do everything that needs to be done. Nobody has to remind them to do anything. They just get shit done. They do not have ADHD at work, they have (ASD) Attention Surplus Disorder.

So why don't people see attention surplus disorder as much of a disease?

It doesn't go against what people want.

So, if they have a surplus of attention, they will not see it as a problem. They will not blame that sort of "disease" because it helps them get what they want. So, you do not hear of attention surplus that often.

If the "problem" is not within them, they have the feeling they have no control over it, they can blame something on the outside.

So how can we manage our ADHD?

We live our lives day to day, moment by moment, we live according to what we deem important. If we don't do not know what is important to us, we will not be able to see how what we are going is helping us fulfill that and we won't be able to focus. We won't have foresight. We will say life happens to us. We blame things on the outside instead of taking accountability for our lives and living with purpose and foresight we live in hindsight.

If you come to me and you're going to speak about storage units, because storage units are important to you, they are not at all important to me. You'll come to me and you'll be able to recite all the specifications, all the materials, and even the elements of materials are made of. You can explain all of this in detail. You'll be engaged and I'll be looking at you like a sheep and saying, okay, cool. And I won't take in any of that information. Nothing.

Not one bit of that information I'll retain, and I'll be distracted and I'll be on my phone and I'll be thinking of what I'm having for dinner. And I'll be thinking, what is a Friday? When's the next public holiday? You know, I'll be distracted. I would want to escape and exit the situation or the conversation.

But if you come to me and you say, listen, I've got a problem. This is my problem. I have anxiety, whatever, whatever, I will engage with you. I will speak to you. I will remember every single thing you said. My wife and I were speaking about some stuff last night. I could remember each and every conversation we had about that specific subject, she told me a story and I remember every single detail of the story because she has told me before.

So, I have attention surplus disorder when it comes to that, but I have attention deficit disorder, ADHD, when I am speaking about storage units.

People think there's something wrong with them but there's nothing wrong with them.

There's nothing wrong with a guy trying to explain the storage containers to me. It's just explaining it to the wrong person because he's wasting his breath. I will not remember. I will not take any of that information in.

But here's the thing. If I take those storage units and I say, okay, how are storage units serving me? I can literally say, okay, storage units help me in what I deem important?

Then I can go and I can link storage units to what I deem important and guaranteed, I'll be more engaged in that conversation than ever before. I will retain information, the information that is given to me, because I will be able to see how storage units are helping me in my life.

Like a mother would deem will remember everything about her children, everything they did during the day, everything they said, everything, every medical record, every single little thing you will remember about the mother will remember about the children, because that's the shit that she deems important.

So see, so everybody has a surplus disorder and a deficit disorder because everyone will only remember the things that they deem important. Any conversation with somebody they love hiking, they will remember every single thing and they can sit there for hours and do whatever research is necessary to fulfill that.

  1. So just make sure you structure life in a way and you have quality conversations.

  2. Stick to the priorities in life and you'll be good to go.

  3. Do not see ADHD as a disorder and as a problem. See it as feedback for you to live your life according to what's really important to you.

  4. So just make sure you structure life in a way and you have quality conversations.

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With love



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