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A comprehensive mental health journal for self-help and wellness. It contains a range of activities designed to promote self-awareness, healthy habits, and positive thinking. These activities include identifying personal aspirations, planning for life goals, understanding obstacles, thought awareness exercises, cognitive restructuring, habit changing, challenge transformation, and various prompts for reflection. The journal also includes self-care checklists and templates for daily, monthly, and yearly reflections.


It includes:

  • Identifying personal aspirations and life goals.
  • Understanding obstacles standing in the way of goals.
  • Exercises for thought awareness and cognitive restructuring.
  • Strategies for changing habits and transforming challenges.
  • Prompts for self-reflection and understanding personal feelings.
  • Self-care checklists to ensure a healthy balance in life.
  • Templates for daily, monthly, and yearly reflections on personal growth and experiences.

Mental Health Journal

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