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Grief is a normal response to loss, often complex for many reasons. Grief is linked to the relationship, type of death and love and continuing bonds and memories often valued.


What I am about to say seems like a fairy tale from a distant world, but please, hear me out.


I worked with my first client around 2 years ago and till this day she has not shed a tear (out of sadness) for her grandmother, she has had tears of appreciation, gratitude and love, but not pain... I check in with her often 🙂


It sounds incomprehensible I know, but what I do works. 


I offer a LASTING solution for grief, that can happen in a few hours, based on your processing time. It is not a quick fix, I don't like the term, because that assumes there is something wrong or that you are grieving wrong.



I help you change how you perceive grief, and no not positive thinking, I have found that it doesn't work, but just taking everything in the subconscious and bringing it into the conscious mind can change your life.



I do not tell you how you feel, I guide you through questions to assist you and you answer it for yourself, YOU process your own grief and change their perceptions of it, which means you are in control, I am just your guide.

The Heart of Grief

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    • 33-Minute Audio Download 
    • 1 Page Worksheet
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