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I am Jaun-Luc, Jaun for short, I am a human behavioural specialist and I am trained in the use of the Demartini Method. I am husband, a father and a gamer. I believe that you are capable of building the life you dream and to have an amazing life. I mainly focus on gamers, geeks and younger individuals, as they are the species that need help the most, but ask for the least. Even though that is my focus, what I do will work with any individual, as long as they have the drive to transform their life and want to let go of the things that is holding them back. ​ I have lived it. I have said the words "I'm fine", "All good man", " I just like trolling, that's all".... But we all know it's a cover-up, a mask, and then we get lost in some other world in an attempt to escape the "horrors" of the real world. ​ But I know there is another way. ​ That's my dream, helping powerful people, live powerful lives.

Jaun-Luc Cronje

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